10 Cool Communities in Jakarta

Hidupid – There are a lot of things to do in Jakarta, a lively city embracing its history and diversity. You can cruise the history, delve into a culinary trip, or explore the beautiful islands. Or you can also encounter the diversity in person through communities.

There are many interesting communities in Jakarta where you can connect to the things you love and meet people with similar interests. Read the list of 10 Cool Communities in Jakarta below and check them all out!

1. Polyglot

Polyglot is a term for those who speak multiple languages. The community supports its members to learn foreign languages in an exciting and relaxing environment. Polyglot is a place for you to experience various cultures and make new friends. They hold gatherings in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Banda Aceh, and Semarang.

For more info about their next Language Exchange Meet Up, check out their website: www.polyglotindonesia.org

2. Rumah Dongeng Pelangi

Rumah Dongeng Pelangi is a place for those who are interested in education for children in Indonesia. They use storytelling as a form of education. If you love teaching and reading tales for kids then this community is a good fit for you. You can also join their charity event and spread kindness to children out there.

Get more info: +62819 0896 8751 / Twitter: @rumahdongeng

3. Komunitas Organik Indonesia

If you’re a wellness enthusiast, then this community is for you. Komunitas Organik Indonesia promotes organic and green lifestyle for those farmers, artisans, activists and everyone who cares about living healthy. Sign up for community event updates and the latest info on their Instagram. 

For more info@organicommunity / www.komunitasorganikindonesia.com

4. Internations Jakarta

Internations Jakarta is a community for expats living in Jakarta. In this community, you can connect with fellow expats and catch up on the latest info about events, guides, and tips on living in Jakarta. Internations has reached its 2.8 million members worldwide and helped many expats in 390 cities around the world!

For the latest info: www.internations.org / @internationsjakarta

5. Let’s Free Dive Jakarta

Let’s Free Dive Jakarta is a community to learn free-diving, a form of underwater diving many people enjoy today. More than just swimming, from this community you will learn the skill from AIDA (Association for International Development of Apnea) certified instructors.

Get more info on their next Open Water Session on www.letsfreedive.com

6. Merry Riana Corporate Ambassadors

Who doesn’t know Merry Riana in Indonesia? This well-known motivator in Indonesia establishes her own community called Merry Riana Corporate Ambassadors. Here, you will be mentored by Merry Riana herself on how to reach your goal and live your full potential.

Get more info: www.komuntasmrca.com

7. Doodle Art Indonesia 

If you love doodling or want to learn how to doodle, then you should join Doodle Art Indonesia, where you can meet new friends and learn to doodle. They hold meetups and workshops all around Indonesia as you can see on their Instagram @doodleartindonesia. Follow them to get their latest updates!

For more info: +62812 2265 0091

8. Upload Kompakan

Do you love food and taking beautiful pictures of them a lot, then you should join Upload Kompakan, an Instagram-base community for food photography enthusiasts. You just have to follow their Instagram @uploadkompakan, and if they accept your request you can join the community. Upload your photo on Instagram with different prompts every day.

Follow them on uploadkompakan@gmail.com

9. Mata Ponsel 

Mata Ponsel is another Instagram-based community for those who love mobile photography. Uploaded photos on their Instagram were shot by mobile phone cameras only. Join them for their prompt-photo challenges and they will feature the chosen picture on their Instagram.

Follow them @mataponsel

10. Yogadogather 

For yoga enthusiasts, this community is a must. With 120 members since 2015, Yogadogather has introduced the benefits of yoga to people. Just come to their class and gather with new friends in this community for mindful living.

Get info for their next class on Instagram @yogadolivery / +62813 107 5757