25 Touring Activities You Should Enjoy in Jakarta

Hidupid – Known as the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta had attracted lots of tourists, not only, as the entrance and exit point whenever they visit Indonesia but as the central of fun activities as well.

If you would like to learn more about history, you should come to Indonesia. Here, you can visit historical building and track the past trace of what happened in Indonesia. As you went back to past, you can embrace the moment by exploring famous malls, bar, restaurants. You may find Jakarta crowded and noisy but being here is certainly fun.

Dozens things you should absolutely do here in Jakarta:

1. Exploring Menteng

Jalan Surabaya Flea Market is the heaven for shopaholic. You can find diversity goods, arts, textiles and culinary. For it had been operated since 1970s up until now, you could still find antiques here. 

Most of the items sold here are wood carvings ornament or vinyl records. You could shop until you drop as you browse this half km long market. In addition, you are free to bargain here, so never hesitate if you feel like to do so.   

2. Take a selfie in Istana Merdeka

Istana Merdeka located in the central of Indonesia. By visiting Istana Merdeka, you can kill two birds with a stone since its location is closed to Merdeka Square. Unfortunately, Istana Merdeka is not open to public, though you can still take a selfie to admire this grant building. 

It’s a historical building for Indonesian for the historical process of changing flag ceremony took place here.

3. Let’s go to Thousand Islands

Incredibly, you can enjoy this amazing view if you visit Jakarta. Thousands Island is the best choice for beach time. 

You just need to spend a few hours from the city centre to reach this place. The locals there introduced to you the best way to enjoy the view.  Take a boat tour and you’ll know why Indonesian people call it “Pulau Seribu”. If you would like to feel something more luxurious than this, you should definetely included Pulau Macan on your list and enjoy the fine dining as well as the delicious delicacies. 

4. The Greatest Tower – Monas Tower

The famous monument here in Jakarta is Monas Tower. It holds an important symbol as Indonesia independency during Dutch colonial period. Searching through Merdeka Square and you can find this luxury monument there. People can’t really tell whether you had visited Jakarta or not if you haven’t reached the peak of this monument plus you’ll regret not enjoying the view from top.

5. Admire Ragunan Zoo

Ragunan spreads out over 185 hectares of land and accomodates around 3,600 species animals here. You’ll find species that exists only in Indonesia such as Komodo dragon,  playful orangutan and many more until it’s hard to count only with your fingers. This zoo is not operating every Monday and make sure to equip yourself with insect repellent to get rid of flying insects. 

6. The Not so-Petite Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

For those who don’t have enough time to explore thoroughly the surface of Jakarta, you can catch the highlights here. It is a designed park to attract tourists.  Lots of traditional houses, local traditions, customes from various archipelago are on display here. You should take your children with you if they would like to learn more about the diversity tribe in Indonesia. 

7. The Famous Istiqlal Mosque 

Istiqlal Mosque is well- known as the grandest mosque in Southeast Asia. You can find it near the monument of Monas. Beautiful Islamic pattern that cover this mosque truly shows the elegancy and the solemn meaning behind it. Any visitors are welcomed to visit this mosque. Non- Muslim will be accepted as well as long as they dress properly in the modest way. 

8. Playing in Ancol Beach

The most famous beach in Indonesia is in Bali but you’ll find a beach in Jakarta as well. Golden sand and swishing waves will accompany you as you stroll down the beach but accessing this beach is not free at all, you need to pay at the entrance. However, you won’t regret to refresh yourself in the swimming pool along the shore line or sun bathing here. In addition, there are numerous attraction that awaits for you in the same complex.  

9. Take a walk in Kota Tua

Locals named Kota Tua as Old Town Batavia and nominated it as a must visit place when you arrive in Jakarta. As you stroll around the region you will discover beautifully designed architecture that dates during Dutch colonial and you can likewise visit the cobbled central town square which is the highlight of the territory. It feels like time really stopped there and many photographers decided to spend their time here to breathe in the casual air and enjoying the uniquely old atmosphere. In addition, this territory had been additionally crowded with bistros lately so you can take a sip of your coffee while appreciate the moment. It likewise has a numerous amount of exhibition halls so you can observe more about the history here in the meantime.

10. Learning history at the National Museum

The name National Museum means Museum Nasional in Indonesian and it is the right place to visit if you would like to find out more about this interesting nation. This museum tells the tale of the history, craftsmanship, culture, topography, and ethnology of this nation, and is grouped into various section that display like early Indonesian pottery and Hindu workmanship from the past. The exhibition hall has been active since 1868 so it is likewise a chronicled jewel in its own right.

11. Spend Your Time at Dunia Fantasi

If you would like to visit Disneyland in Jakarta, then Dunia Fantasi is the right place to be. Tourists may find some similar ride here with those in Disneyland.  There is a Main Street here and additionally a Puppet Castle to visit on the day and you will discover more than 30 rides, for example, the Niagara Flume and the Halilintar twister. There is likewise a Star Wars segment and a huge Ferris wheel that gives you a chance to take in the perspectives everywhere throughout the recreation center. This is a right destination if you are searching for something to do with the youngsters and there is likewise a theatre that has a diversity of shows telling about Indonesia.

12. Shopping at Taman Anggrek Mall

Jakarta is a city that is well known for its shopping centers yet the greatest of these is Taman Anggrek Mall located in the west of the city. Local people guarantee that around 10,000 individuals visit the shopping center each day and there will be a huge range of shops that are appropriate for all tastes and shopping plans. Additionally, you will likewise discover bistros and restaurants everywhere throughout the shopping center and your time is worth to spend here for you could see some Jakarta’s famous mall culture firsthand. Different activities in the shopping center are included watching in cinema and exploring the ice skating arena.

13. Observe the National Gallery of Indonesia

Stroll down Merdeka Square in Gambir and you could find the National Gallery of Indonesia which standout as one of the greatest exhibition halls in the city and it protected 2,000 pieces of the precious Indonesian craftmanship. For any arts researcher or lovers who don’t know much about Indonesian creators, this is unquestionably should not to be missed and it takes you on a beautiful adventure through various provincial pieces. Observe more in the different section of the museum which devoted to other foreign arts and you will discover works of art, pottery, photos, and sculptures here.

14. Relaxing at a Music Festival

Unfortunately, Indonesian music isn’t really get some attention abroad although there are many talented musician here. The genuity and their devotion for music exists here. This is reflected in the music occasions held here including shows and celebrations and numerous tourists find that this event represents the true meaning behind Jakarta’s nightlife. Probably the most popular musical events in the city is Hammersonic which is a metal music show that showcases every year in April and the yearly Jakarta International Jazz Festival in March.

15. Make in wish in Jin De Yuan

Temple Jin De Yuan is situated in Glodok. This temple is an open Buddhist sanctuary that was existed in 1755. It is the most standout places amongst the worship place that Buddhist people in the city would visit. This temple is quite unique for the roof structure which is decorated with two ornate dragons holding pearls in their mouths. Inside the sanctuary you can enjoy some sweet-smelling incense and refresh your eyes with additionally ceremonials bells and a collection of antiquated calligraphy.

16. Culinary hunting in Seribu Rasa Menteng

Jakarta is a paradies for foodies. Here you will discover eateries and hawker stalls everywhere throughout the city. One of the most well known eateries in the city anyway is Seribu Rasa which signifies ‘A Thousand Tastes’ and is set in a delightful provincial style mansion. The nourishment served here will give you a preview of a scope of Indonesian cooking styles and you will discover classic dishes with an upscale twist. Strategically placed in the focal point of town in Menteng, Seribu Rasa likewise has an assortment of draft beers so you can appreciate a chilly beverage with the flavorful Indonesian nourishment.

17. Jogging around Surapati Park

Jakarta isn’t well known for its park which is the reason why Taman Suropati is such an appreciated joy. It is a petite park contains a strip of greenery amidst a square, in spite of the fact that it is likewise in a socially imperative piece of town and watches out over a plenty of pioneer style lodges from the 1920s a large number of which were worked in the workmanship deco style. It is an extraordinary place to go for a meander toward the evening when the sun isn’t excessively hot and there is a craftsmanship market held here where you can look at various of works including Indonesian canvases.

18. Check out Museum Wayang

Wayang is named after Indonesian traditional puppets and is one of Indonesia most important performance traditions. To take in more about the history trace of wayang, visit the puppet museum which will offer you a flash back journey through time and clarify how these astounding puppets are made. Situated in the old town part of Jakarta, this is a special gallery that should be included in your trip agenda. Numerous frightening masks, wooden manikins, and a demonstration that is held each Sunday at 10 o’clock early in the day.

19. Capture the moment in Sunda Kelapa Port

Unfortunately, Sunda Kelapa port had always been a missed destination by numerous guests while visiting in Jakarta. Though, Sunda Kelapa Port is the main parts of this city. Quite famous in the old times, the port is the principle reason that Jakarta became so prosperous nowadays and in any case you can still observe the wooden boats here which are fueled by their elegant sails and still look much as they would have done in the past.

20. Visit Jakarta War Cemetery

The history of Jakarta remains unknown for numerous individuals. Being a heart wrecking history, Jakarta was attacked amid the Second World War and numerous servicemen from Indonesia, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands were buried here. The cemetery in Jakarta hold a commemoration to each one of the individuals who lost their lives amid the contention and this place had become a  favored placed for individuals who need to observe the history somewhat better. The Dutch section here is quite famous as it has a picturesque house of prayer as a part of the grounds.

21. Family trip at Atlantis Water Adventure

Atlantis Water Adventure is another amazing places on offer at Ancol and is a huge water attraction complex that is perfect for the hot day. This park has eight apparent area and you can play along the substantial wave pool and additionally an assortment of fun slides and pools for classified age group. This is a fun attraction places for family with kids and it represents an opposite side of Jakarta far from the crowded city centre.

22. Know more about Museum Bank Indonesia

Museum Bank Indonesia isn’t extraordinary compared to other known exhibition halls in the city however it is absolutely a standout amongst the most charming one. It sits in the central command of a previous bank which has been affectionately reestablished and retell the Indonesia currency from past occasions until the present. There are a scope of intuitive displays and some touch screen areas plus an exceptional exhibition devoted to the spice exchange activities for which Indonesia is so popular with. There is another segment that takes you through the tale of the monetary crisis occured in 1997 and another area with an astonishing exhibit of currencies from everywhere throughout the world.

23. Window shopping at Glodok

Area of Glodok is the part of Jakarta’s Chinatown. It has the right to claim being the biggest Chinatown in the nation and is likewise one of the greatest on the planet and had been existed here amid the Dutch Colonial Period. It is currently home to a scope of sanctuaries, markets, and shops and you can walk around while admiring the conventional Chinese building structure and furthermore visit its famous electronics centre which is well-known as the one of the biggest in Jakarta. Additionally, if you would like to find some herbs or medicine, try out the the medicine shops here. They have various uncommon cures including dried frogs and other peculiar things.

24. Romance in Awan Lounge

At the top the Kosenda Hotel, Awan Lounge can offers relaxation that you need amidst the hectic life of the city. This rooftop bar incorporates a tropical garden with trees surrounding the zone and the highlight here is a glass skylight over the top of nine stories and isn’t suggested for the individuals who don’t brave enough to bear the height. To enjoy the starry night, you can taste a cocktail here while having a chit chat with your partner.

25. Observe museum tekstil

Last but not the least, this textile museum is the least favored destination for the tourists but it’s actually worth the trip if you are interested in Indonesia traditional clothes. This museum has over 2000 pieces of fabric painting clothes including famous batik items in Indonesia. Antique looms are on display while lovely garden at the backyard becomes a home for houseplants which used to color the fabrics.  Classes are available as well for the tourists who would like to enjoy the sensation of dying fabrics.