Hidupid – Bandung City is the largest Metropolitan city in West Java, and is also known as the flower city because of its beauty. The location of this city is 140 KM southeast of the Indonesian capital. Various important historical events have occurred in this place, among them the events of the struggle for independence in the form of the Bandung sea of fire. In this beautiful city, the Asian-African Conference of 1955 took place. The Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru proudly declared Bandung the Capital of Asia and Africa. The city also received an extraordinary award, the safest city in the world from the Time magazine.

As a Metropolitan city, the city of Bandung offers a lifestyle similar to Surabaya and Jakarta which evolves around entertainment precinct and business hubs. The development of various community shopping centers with lifestyle choices for the middle class makes this city stand out among the others. However, even with all this development, it has not lost touch with the local heritage.

A healthy lifestyle is being promoted across Bandung with many food precincts offering vegetarian options and vegan restaurants. In Bandung, there are many places where residents can relax and wind down. Bird pavilion is one of the favorites spots to visit with various species of birds found here. Visitors can directly feed the birds and have photos taken with them. The Dago dream park with its amazing views is another place where residents can enjoy as they wind down.

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