Bandung Lifestyle

Hidupid – Who doesn’t know the city of Bandung? The city of flowers is famous for nature tourism, art and history. It is also known as a ‘mini Paris’. Surrounded by mountains makes the city of Bandung very picturesque with a cooler climate. Buildings inspired by Dutch architecture increasingly beautify the city of Bandung which is also famous for its education as there are several universities that enter the best in Indonesia. Two notable institutions include Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) and Padjajaran University (UNPAD). Like major cities in Indonesia, Bandung is also an economic support that cannot be ruled out, with many large companies and small family-owned businesses being located in the region.

Young people in Bandung are usually active in communities and enjoy socialising with people who share similar interests and passions. It helps that there is many recreational facilities for people to enjoy including film, parklands and music festivals and event sponsored by the city government to support the positive activities of the young generation. Usually this community activity is crowded on weekends, will be even more crowded at night. Music shows in cafes are also increasingly common and very popular on weekends. Many young people spend their time in cafes drinking coffee and enjoying diverse cuisines and chat about life.

The Lembang area is quite popular with families on vacation as there are many historical attractions to visit including Tangkuban Parahu, Kawah Putih, Panglangor, Tea Gardens, Farm House, The Lodge Maribaya, and the Kalpa Tree Café. Not only is the place of nature recreation, Bandung is also famous for cheap shopping with many clothing markets and general markets.  For a guided tour of the city of Bandung, the Bandros bus provides a trip around the historical parts if Bandung, departing from City Hall.