Cost of Living in Bali

Hidupid – Bali is not only popular as an exotic island, where people enjoy nature, fresh air, and slow living. Bali is also known for...

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Cost of Living in Bandung

Hidupid – Living in Bandung is the dream for those who love quietness in the midst of a big city. Whether for leisure, study, or...

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Cost of Living in Yogyakarta

Hidupid – When some people prefer to live in Bandung for the calmness of a big city, some people would always love living in Yogyakarta....

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Where to Shop in Jakarta

Hidupid – Life in downtown Jakarta is alive with bars, clubs, stalls, restaurants, offices, and certainly, shops. Jakarta has it all, from unique local handicrafts...

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Cost of Living in Makassar

Hidupid – Among the big cities in Indonesia, Makassar is comparatively the cheapest one. This city is considered a metropolitan city in Indonesia if you...

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