Moving From the USA to Indonesia

Hidupid – Moving from the United States to Indonesia needs a long preparation including a reliable overseas shipping plan. You need to find a reliable relocation company that will help you so your experience could be as stress-free as possible


Find a company that will assist you in every step to make the process smooth and manageable. This company should be able to answer all your questions, Is your move permanent or temporarily, will you be renting or purchasing real estate, etc.


When you are moving overseas, the cost is based on the weight and cubic footage of your cargo. Some companies offer free cost estimates which can help you in establishing your budget.

A Little About Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelago located between Australia and mainland Southeast Asia with more than 18,000 islands across the country and 6,000 of them inhabited. Indonesia shares borders with Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and Timor Leste including neighbouring countries such as Singapore, Philippines Australia and Indian territory of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Indonesia has more than 250 million people which makes it the 4th most populous country in the world and half of those reside in Java island.

Indonesia is lead by a President elected by its people and a member of ASEAN and the G-20 major economies. There are nearly 300 ethnic groups, including Indian, Chinese, Arabic, and European.

Customs Regulations for Indonesia:

You may need documents such as passport, visa,  work permit, residence permit, pack list with original English plus one copy faxed to a service agent in advance, non-negotiable Bill of Lading (copy and original), and letter of Authorization to Destination Agent (Surat Kuasa).

It is important to ensure that all the above documentation is prepared prior to arrival, as heavy duties and penalties may apply.

For the customs clearance process, customers must be in the country already. Shipments will be completely inspected. Household goods must be in possession of the customer for at least one year and be used by the customer privately and not for resale in Indonesia.

Shipment must arrive within three months of issuance of KITAS and IKTA cards. Only one air and one sea shipment of household goods are allowed duty-free.

Returning Indonesian citizens must have lived abroad at least one year and must have been in possession of household goods items for at least two years, with continued use of items in Indonesia to be allowed duty-free.

All boxes and shipments should be labeled with the name of the shippers. Nickname or other names may jeopardize clearance. If all documents are not provided the shipment cannot be cleared through customs.

Dutiable/restricted items

There are some items you may not bring during your moving such as new articles and items that haven’t been listed on the inventory. If you need medication prescription documents are also required for these.

Materials in Chinese such as pictures, texts, tapes, etc., will require proper permits and are subject to censorship. Antiques, CDs, DVDs, audio tapes and books must also be accompanied by a detailed list of titles and authors.

Prohibited items

Any controlled drugs and psychotropic substances, pornographic materials, politically sensitive and subversive materials are prohibited from entering the country. Weapons, including air guns, firearms, explosives, and ammunition are also prohibited.

You are only able to bring one liter of alcohol per adult family member, while additional quantities will be confiscated and destroyed.


Your pets may be allowed but need a 14-day quarantine by a government division. Pets are also subject to duties and import taxes that also need to accompany the required documents such as a copy of the owner’s passport, health certificate, rabies vaccination certificate, and import permit.