Moving to Indonesia (Part 1) – Planning

Hidupid – The excitement of living in a new a country that promises rich culture and experiences is something many people look forward to. However, you must first go through the task of planning to move.

First, you have to make a checklist of all the things you need to accomplish your move. Be realistic about what you can do yourself and where you need help.

Below is a suggested list of tasks to start:

1. Coordinate with your sponsoring organization to ensure that passports and visas are in order

VISA to stay in Indonesia can take weeks to get processed. The approval by Indonesian government departments is needed before a work permit and ITAS (limited stay permit) can be issued.

You will also need to ensure that passports of all family members are valid for your entire stay in Indonesia. Usually, the company will normally apply the visa for your family. If you are doing it yourself, you can do so with the help of directory assistance in your nation’s capital and ask for the phone number of the Indonesian Embassy. The consular section will provide instructions and forms to apply for your visa. You may be referred to an Indonesian consulate general or consulate which has jurisdiction over the area in which you live. You can also ask for help from formalities agent to work on your permit.

Here is what you need to do if you are planning to work and live in Indonesia:

  • Use the proper visa to enter the country. A business visa or a tourist visa is not legal to work within Indonesia. If you are already in Indonesia with tourist or business visa and trying to get a work permit and ITAS, you will have to go to an Indonesian embassy in another country so the new visa can be stamped on your passport.
  • If your company is intending that you reside in Indonesia, a business visa is not very wise for you as it only permits you to conduct business such as evaluate products of Indonesian companies, participate in trade exhibitions, attend meetings and perform a demonstration of your products and services. You have to leave the country every four months for a multiple-entry business visa that valid for 12 months.
  • You are not allowed to ship personal belongings to Indonesia without a valid ITAS and work permit. You are required proof of a valid ITAS to clear your household shipment through custom.
  • Be careful with your business title. A claim of a different position in your card that is not what has been listed in your work permit can cause

2. Prepare to rent or sell some of your property or belongings

A house or a car is probably your most valuable asset. A real estate agent can help you with the pricing of the assets or the rental income you could expect if you decide to rent your existing property while you are living overseas. To sell or rent your belongings is a personal decision. Factors to consider that may influence your decision include:

  • The expenses associated with selling the house.
  • The time you will spend in Indonesia.

If you are willing to sell your house, plan for a sufficient time and check with several real estate agents on the average length of time it takes to sell a property. Put it on the market while still living in it and hide the fact about your moving plan for it will make prospective buyers wait and then try to negotiate a lower price than what they would have offered if they did not know.

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