Moving to Indonesia (Part 3) – Records and Legal Documents

Medical Records

Hidupid – Immunization records for family members must be obtained as well as copies of any recent medical tests such as blood test, EKG, radiology scans and chest X-rays, including recent surgery, serious illness or ongoing medical conditions. You should take note about allergies to medication. If prescribed medication is required, ask your doctor if you could obtain a supply of medication that will last at least a month or two after your arrival in Indonesia as Indonesian pharmacists may not have the drugs prescribed to your family members readily available. Once in Indonesia, find what is available or can be obtained from abroad by your medical clinic.  Dental records are also useful to bring in case of any ongoing dental care.

Academic and employment records

If you have children, International schools in Indonesia will require copies of the child’s academic records and a character reference for enrollment processing including any extracurricular activities the child has been participating in within their current school. Music assessment records are also needed to continue music lessons in Indonesia. Ask the school for the copies of the curriculum they use.

Legal Documents

Every important document must be with you. These include copies of your will, power of attorney, birth certificates, name change records, marriage certificate/s, divorce documents. Custody agreements as well as photocopies of previous passports and your driver’s license.

1. Notify correspondents of your change of address

Make a note to inform all entities you deal with regularly that you will move and provide them with a forwarding address. The post office may have an instruction booklet to facilitate this task.

Consider terminating all subscriptions such as magazines, newspapers, cable or satellite television subscriptions, insurance coverage, credit cards, and any services such as house maintenance, telephone, internet and utilities.

2. Decide what to ship and what should be stored

Moving means an ideal time to do spring cleaning. Decide what belongings you want to keep, what you should ship to Indonesia and which to be stored, sold, given away or disposed of. If you have had a chance to visit Indonesia and know what is available and what is not, this task should be easier. For example, due to a different format or voltage requirements, you may not be able to use your television in Indonesia. Most properties available on the platform include at least one television and some even provide cable TV access.

A detailed inventory of all items you will ship is also required. Label and itemize every box so the insurance may be replaced if something happens. This will also help you find things more easily when unpacking.

Choose an insurance company that has representation in Indonesia or ensure that claims can be handled though your moving company. It would be easier to deal with a single company in both locations. Your moving company may also deliver your shipment using a local Indonesian company that is their agent.

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