Moving to Indonesia (Part 4) – What to Bring

Display, ornamental and high value items

Hidupid – Paintings and photographs are appropriate to ship but try to avoid bringing items such as small crystalware, silver and pewter ware, antique items, valuable collections and expensive jewelry. You may need to purchase a safe if you really think you may need it. If you cannot bear to lose an item, leave it at home.

Kitchen appliances

You may need transformers and plug adapters to use appliances with different voltage ratings to those used in Indonesia. However, you may not be able to service them or get spare parts. Kitchen appliances of western-type are readily availale in large cities in Indonesia by Japanese or Korean brands. The majority of properties on the platform include larger items such as an oven, refrigerator, water heater, air conditioners and stove.

The holes in most of the electrical plugs/outlets in Indonesia look like this  and .

Cultery and other dining necessities

Mostly, items you need for the kitchen are available in Indonesia. However, not all plates, bowls and mugs in Indonesia are made for use with a  microwave. Most properties on the platform include cutlery, bowls, etc.


Unless you plan to live in a higher altitude region like Puncak, Malang, or Tembagapura, summer clothing is appropriate all year round. Formal work clothing such as jackets and suits are required for formal corporate jobs and you will need plenty of casual and semi-formal clothes for social activities within the local community and within the expatriate community.

Children’s clothing

Children need school uniforms from the schools they are attending and there are many factory outlets and department stores in each city that can provide casual clothing for your children.

Bed and Bath

Bed sizes in Indonesia may differ from your home country. Large selection of beddings, both imported and domestically produced, are available in Indonesia.

You may require quilts and thick blankets if your stay is in a mountainous region. The temperature in your air-conditioned bedroom will be about 23-25 degrees celsius, so you will need a light blanket. If you live in higher altitudes regions like Puncak or Bandung, the minimum temperatures will seldom be below 17 degrees celsius. Most properties on the platform are furnished with beds and linen.

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