Moving to Indonesia (Part 5) What to Bring Cont.

Hidupid – You have to decide what to ship to Indonesia and what to leave behind in your home country. You can find storage companies that will keep your valuables for you till you come back. Let’s take a look at what you can move with and what you should leave behind.

Personal grooming, perfumes and cosmetics

Many foreign brands are imported thus will be expensive while some are manufactured locally under license from the original manufacturer. Some items may be counterfeit.

Your preferred brands of toiletries may not be found in Indonesia, so it is wise to bring certain toiletries for a few months until you can locate the items you need.

Exercise and sports equipment

You can join many fitness and sports clubs in Indonesia. Golf, tennis, squash and some other sports that are quite popular. Sports clothing and equipment is relatively inexpensive.

Books and other reading materials

Big cities provide several bookstores that sell foreign books and magazines at a higher price than at home, The public library system in Indonesia only offers Indonesian language materials. Several libraries catering to the expatriate community are available also run by some expat community organizations.

Children’s toy and games

Your children may need their toys from home that will assist in their adjustments to a new environment before they get used to new toys and games, so it is a good idea to bring some of their toys along with them.

Computer equipment

Your computer system may need a transformer to adjust to voltage differences. Branded systems may have local service distributors in Indonesia and international brands of computer components are readily available in Jakarta. Macintosh spare parts are quite difficult to find and must be ordered from abroad.

Musical instruments

Large items such as pianos may not be appropriate to ship. High humidity could also damage the item. Purchase a second-hand piano and you can resell it before your departure. Musical instruments, like all imported items are available at slightly higher prices.

Prohibited items

Some materials are strictly prohibited in Indonesia such as pornographic items, printed or in digital format. Narcotics are strictly prohibited and the penalties are quite severe. Pills you bring in large quantities may require a prescription. Firearms and ammunition are also prohibited in Indonesia.


Before you bring in any pets, there are some factors to consider: Will your pets help your adjustment? You may have to think about how long you will live in Indonesia. Can the pet adjust to the new environment? Long-hair animals may have health complications in this country’s climate. Remote areas may not have access to good veterinarians. You may also consider to foster your pet to a friend or a family member and have it back upon your return home.

You will have to comply with import requirements if you decide to bring your pets to Indonesia which require import documentation from the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture. Ask help from your freight forwarder, moving company or airline to ensure all the necessary of paperwork is in place.

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