Moving to Indonesia (Part 6) – Familiarization

Plan a Familiarization Trip

Hidupid – Expats who intend to reside in Indonesia for extended periods need an opportunity to explore alternatives for schooling as well as to better acquaint themselves with the living conditions, lifestyle and the availability of local services and goods.

You may use relocation services if you don’t have personal resources to set up a well-organized familiarization trip or your company doesn’t do it for you.

You may need your sponsoring agency to purchase books you may need and ship them to you before arrival in Jakarta.

You also may need local knowledge such as where the nearest mosque is located as the times and volume of the call to prayer may disturb you. Find out if the area you choose is susceptible to flooding, access to roads, or if there is a major construction planned as this will severely affect traffic.

Drive through the neighborhoods to feel the surroundings. Heavy traffic is a challenge in Jakarta. Take a test drive to see how long it takes to travel from your future house to your office, schools and leisure activity venues. Getting a feel for the different neighbourhoods will also assist with choosing the ideal place to live on the platform.

Jakarta has numerous International schools as well as other major cities. Find if there is space available for your child. These schools will require some formal application involving an application fee. Main expenses are tuition fees and the school development bond.

For other activities like sports, you may have to visit the offices of sporting organizations to join. Attend the monthly meetings, special events or newcomers functions sponsored by these and other organizations if they fit into your schedule.

Malls are a good place for your familiarization. Visit supermarkets, food halls or anything else to observe what’s available and what they cost. So, you know what to ship from your home country.

Visit major medical service providers to determine what is available. You may ask specific questions to clinic specialists for your particular medical condition that will need to be treated during your stay. You also may want to check at a pharmacy or to know about any medication you or your family members require.

Learn Bahasa Indonesia and buy books to help you with it. Learning Indonesian will ease communication during your stay.

Regarding your pet’s care and health during your stay in Indonesia, you may visit a full-service pet store and talk to the professionals about the best transport for your pet can get and any special considerations to ensure your pet’s health is perfect during your stay.

Socialize and ask other expats their experiences – Be open to advice and ask as many questions as you can about their own experiences.

All these factors must be considered before making your move to Indonesia, however in doing so you will make the transition smooth, and the adjustment for you and your family will be much easier as you have invested time into the appropriate planning and preparation.