The City of Makassar

Hidupid – Makassar is a large metropolitan city in eastern Indonesia, and the dominant tribe in this city is the Bugis tribe who are firm and loyal to people they trust and love. Makassar is the capital city of South Sulawesi and is well-known for its hard-working and loyal community. The choice of clothing amongst locals usually incorporate bright colors like red, green, yellow. In the past, people were happy to sit in a coffee shop for a long time while chatting but now bars traditional cocktails are becoming increasingly popular.

Coffee shops in Makassar remain popular spots for locals and expats and there seems to be a new cafe opening every month. Residents here place great importance on their social life, thus there is a lot of competition between them regarding social status. This competitive spirit is evident in other metropolitan cities of Indonesia as well.

In terms of recreation, Malino is becoming the talk of Makassar. Malino is a village located in the Tinggimoncong Subdistrict, Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi. It is becoming a popular tourist spot as the village presents the green nature of Makassar. The Tanjung Bira tour offers spectacular views of the blue ocean stretch from Makassar. There are many other tourist attractions along the biggest mountain in Sulawesi.  Other recreation spots such as Losari, Port Rotterdam, Karebosi, and Trans Studio Makassar are great for those who want an indoor playground to enjoy a game and relieve stress.