The City of Surabaya

Hidupid – Surabaya is one of the three biggest cities in Indonesia after Jakarta and Bandung and all are significant contributors to the country’s economy.  The lifestyle of the people between these three cities is not much different. The lifestyle of the people between these three cities will not be much different. Young children here are open to new ideas and changes in the world and usually have a choice between following local and foreign culture. Many different ethnicities are living in Surabaya although the Javanese are the majority. Locals spend their free time with family and friends in their homes or within the many entertainment precincts that western Surabaya has to offer.

The lifestyle of young people in Surabaya is not much different from Jakarta and Bandung. They are happy to chat with friends, spend time enjoying food and exchanging ideas in a social environment. They also pay attention to upcoming trends, watch movies, enjoy trying out the many new cafes that pop-up, hunt for good food, go to water/theme parks and spend time in new trendy bars on the weekends with friends.

Some of the recreational places in Surabaya that you can visit are the Bamboo Forest and the Keputih Harmony Park. Here you can enjoy the beauty of nature and thousands of bamboo trees that resemble parts of East Asia. There is also Ecotourism Mangrove, which in addition to protecting the sea water, this tourist spot offers amazing views of the natural landscape and you can enjoy walking on a bridge built through the mango mangrove trees. If you want a more fast-paced to activity check out the Carnival Park Suroboyo which is a carnival-style amusement park offering rides for kids & adults, plus food vendors & souvenir stands. There is also the Ciputra Waterpark, which is one of the biggest waterparks in Southeast Asia. It is located at the western part of Surabaya. Taman Hiburan Rakyat is a smaller yet very highly rated amusement park also located in the western part of Surabaya.

The city is culturally-rich and offers an enjoyable family for all demographics especially families and mature travelers with many of the local attractions being entertainment focussed and tourist-focussed with many historical and natural attractions to be seen.