The City of Yogyakarta

Hidupid – Yogyakarta is a Special Region famous for its student population, as many educational institutions and students are found here. Despite the significant number of students, Javanese custom is still present coexisting with modern life. This region is still under the great Sultanate, making Yogyakarta a special area with a unique mix between older and contemporary culture. The cost of living is quite affordable as you’d expect in a student city. The number of Angkringan that offer traditional food becomes a sight to behold at night. Typical of Yogyakarta, it is not uncommon to experience cultural shows. Children are still taught traditional dances and proper manners and younger people’s respect for parents is still highly upheld. There is a lot of polite eastern culture found here and the traditional markets are very popular with both tourists and locals which creates a great atmosphere.

Traditional and religious ceremonies are held, and you cannot miss them due to the vast size of these celebrations. The people of Yogyakarta hold firm to the beliefs of their predecessors and citizens here are unpretentious and friendly. They still uphold simplicity in their daily lives and Javanese language is still commonly used for everyday communication. The community is well known for their hard work and they will do their best to improve their wellbeing, gain knowledge, etc., so it is no wonder Yogyakarta is known as the city of students.

Yogyakarta is also famous for its historic tourist attractions, such as the Sultan’s Palace, Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, City Square, Silver Handicraft, Gunung Kidul, Malioboro Street, Bringharjo Market, Fort Vredeburg Yogyakarta, and Indrayanti Beach. There are also many other popular beaches close to Yogyakarta. These tourist attractions allow you to explore the history of the ancestors, the development of religion and the legacy of inscriptions. The many tourist attractions that blend with nature will help you relax after dealing with work during the week.

If you happen to travel to Yogyakarta during periods of celebration you will see the hustle and euphoria of the people of Yogyakarta to their traditions and glorified community leaders. It will be a spectacle that will be memorable for those of you who will not often encounter moments like that in a metropolitan city. The comfortable atmosphere when traveling around Yogyakarta using traditional transportation feels safe and reliable. Try to chat with residents as they will be more than happy to tell you about their city and the lifestyle it offers.